Experience the future of Customer 360° with Timeline!

Experience the future of Customer 360° with Timeline!

Are you tired of spending hours searching for customer information? You’re not alone!

Many fast-growing companies struggle to know their customers well enough, as customer information is often scattered across different teams. Research from McKinsey & Company shows that customer teams spend 20-30% of their time looking for information, leading to confused customers and less-than-ideal experiences.

The problem: fragmented customer information​ With sales, marketing, customer success, and support teams each holding different pieces of customer information, it’s tough to provide personalized experiences. This fragmentation takes a toll on customer satisfaction, which decreases by 13% for every additional minute a customer service representative spends searching for information.

The solution: timeline - Your key to customer 360​ This is why we’re excited to introduce timeline, a game-changing tool that provides a full 360-degree view of your customers. Timeline is fundamental in enhancing customer experience while improving customer satisfaction and retention. With timeline, fast-growing teams can:

Solve customer problems on-the-spot, by understanding the full context behind the issue. Personalize the customer experience using their recent interactions with the company to guide the next best action. Iterate faster when building and delivering the solutions that customers actually need. How timeline works: seamless integration with customerOS​ Timeline is easy to use. Built on top of customerOS, it lets you connect all your favorite SaaS tools and databases. Within minutes, you’ll have a complete, unified customer view that helps you solve customer problems quickly and efficiently by providing all the context you need for immediate action.

Transform your business with timeline​ Timeline gives you insights into:

Webpages your customers have visited All phone calls, emails, video calls – every conversation with your customers across every channel Purchase and payment history Customer notes, tickets, and more synced from 100+ integrations like Hubspot or Zendesk Important documents and attachments, like invoices and contracts …and more.

Your customer experience is all about the shared moments between you and your customers. With timeline, your team can craft a story that’s as unique and profoundly meaningful as each of your customer relationships.

Ready to take your customer relationships to the next level?​ Experience the benefits of the customerOS timeline for yourself! Schedule a demo today and unlock the power of customer 360 to enhance customer experience while improving customer satisfaction and retention. 🚀