Intercom + CustomerOS

Connecting the dots for seamless customer experiences

Intercom + CustomerOS

We live in an age of rising customer expectations. Today’s consumers demand quick responses, efficient issue resolution, and highly personalized experiences. Meeting these demands takes more than just a stellar support team - it requires alignment across all customer-facing roles.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new integration between CustomerOS and Intercom. This powerful connection provides the visibility, transparency, and seamless collaboration needed to craft remarkable customer journeys.

The Benefits of Connecting CustomerOS and Intercom

Complete View for Efficient Issue Management: By bringing Intercom conversations into the CustomerOS timeline, teams gain access to a single source of truth. With the full context, they can prioritize requests appropriately. Increased Visibility for Proactive Outreach: Sales and marketing will no longer be blindsided by support issues. With visibility into open tickets, they can adjust outreach accordingly. Enhanced Handoffs Between Teams: Moving customers between support, sales, and success teams is smoother with shared context and visibility into all interactions. Improved Personalization Across Touchpoints: Teams can reference previous conversations and interactions to deliver tailored messaging at each new touchpoint. Better Documentation of Customer Journey: With all interactions and details captured in one place, documenting customer lifecycles and mapping journeys becomes easy. Higher Quality CX with Accountability: Increased transparency allows managers to monitor performance and workflows, improving processes over time. The Time is Now In our highly competitive, digitally driven world, delivering consistent and personalized customer experiences is crucial for business success. The CustomerOS and Intercom integration provides the infrastructure for teams to collaborate seamlessly and craft remarkable customer journeys.

Now is the time to connect the dots in your customer experience. Schedule a demo today to learn more and experience the benefits firsthand. Our team is ready to show you how integrated tools can help you better serve customers, make employees’ lives easier, and set your business apart from the competition.