Boost Customer Retention

Proactively track customer outcomes to renew and grow more customers
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Increase Net

Revenue Retention

By proactively monitoring customer health and outcomes, you can identify and address potential issues before they lead to churn, while uncovering opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, and expansions. This data-driven approach to customer success enables you to deliver personalized, high-impact engagements that drive customer loyalty and increase net revenue retention.

Do More

With Less

With all your customer data and insights at your fingertips, you can work more efficiently and effectively, focusing your time and resources on the highest-impact activities instead of fighting fires. As a result, you're able to scale customer outcomes without increasing headcount.


Decision Making

Stop fighting fires and start proactively managing risks and driving opportunities that will deliver in-year revenue. With comprehensive insights into customer health, engagement, and outcomes, you can prioritize and focus on proactively addressing risk and identifying growth opportunities.

Track Outcomes

to Drive Expansion

Deliver results. Drive advocacy. Ask for the next problem to solve. By tracking customer outcomes, you can identify the right time to proactively engage on upsell and cross-sell opportunities and highlight how your services can further amplify their success.

The CustomerOS difference

Customer Onboarding

Streamline your customer onboarding processes and accelerate customer time-to-value. Get real-time visibility into each customer's progress, identify bottlenecks, and proactively intervene to ensure your customers are set up for success.,format

Customer Health Tracking

Quickly qualify, prioritize, and assign leads based on real-time company enrichment data. Combine firmographic and behavioral data to instantly assess lead quality and intent, allowing your teams to engage qualified prospects with the right message at the right time.,format

Success Planning

Collaborate with your customers to define and execute targeted success plans that deliver measurable outcomes. Align goals, milestones, and resources while providing real-time visibility into progress, risks, and opportunities, ensuring consistent value delivery at scale.,format

Adoption Management

Ensure the right people are getting the value they expect from your product. Gain deep insights into customer usage patterns, identify underutilized features, and proactively engage customers with best practices to drive sustained adoption.,format

Issue Management

Proactively identify account risks with integrated issue tracking. Efficiently log, prioritize, and resolve customer issues to ensure your customers stay on the path to success.,format

Feature & Idea Tracking

Capture and prioritize customer feedback, feature requests, and ideas in a centralized hub, available to everyone in the business. Easily gather insights from across your customer base and align product roadmaps with customer needs, ensuring you’re always working on the right things for the right customers.,format

Real-time Data Sync & Automations

Seamlessly connect your entire tech stack with our 100+ real-time integrations. Eliminate data silos, automate workflows, and unlock powerful insights by syncing data across all your critical tools and applications, from CRM and marketing automation to product usage, billing and support systems.,format

Maximize The Growth Potential of Every Customer.

Maximize The Growth Potential of Every Customer.