Instantly Qualify Leads

Unify your GTM teams and accelerate revenue with automated lead tracking, enrichment, and ICP-fit scoring
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GTM Alignment

Identify your best customers based on who is renewing and expanding, and acquire more like them. Establish a unified definition of a qualified lead and benchmark lead quality against your ideal customer profile.


Lead Quality

Automatically enrich leads and qualify based on ICP fit. Stop spending time on deals that don’t convert and customers that won’t renew.


the Sales Cycle

Shorten your sales cycle and close deals faster with insights and real-time customer data. Identify high-value opportunities, prioritize next actions based on engagement and buying signals, and deliver personalized, relevant experiences at every stage of the sales journey.


Conversion Rates

Boost your pipeline conversion rates and maximize revenue potential by attracting high ICP-fit prospects. Leverage real-time customer data, insights from your best customers, and real-time intent data to identify the most effective lead generation strategies, personalize your outreach, and deliver targeted experiences that convert at every stage of the funnel.

The CustomerOS difference

Automate Lead Tracking

Ensure you follow up on every qualified lead. Seamlessly capture and consolidate lead data from across your marketing and sales stack, providing real-time visibility into lead status, engagement, and progress.,format

Real-time Lead Enrichment

Quickly qualify, prioritize, and assign leads based on real-time company enrichment data. Combine firmographic and behavioral data to instantly assess lead quality and intent, allowing your teams to engage qualified prospects with the right message at the right time.,format

ICP Fit Scoring

Automatically score all leads against ICP fit to easily identify and prioritize your outreach. Use your tailored, data-driven ideal customer profile to assign fit scores to each lead, enabling you to focus your efforts on the prospects most likely to close and stay with you for the long-term.,format

Nurture Lists

Effortlessly create and manage nurture lists that keep prospects engaged until they’re ready to buy. Segment leads based on ICP fit, engagement, and behavior to deliver personalized, relevant content at scale.,format

Track Email Engagement

Understand the effectiveness of your outreach efforts by tracking email opens and read receipts. Seamlessly integrate with your email client, giving you real-time visibility into who’s engaging with your messages, enabling faster follow-up and optimized email campaigns.,format

Maximize The Growth Potential of Every Customer.

Maximize The Growth Potential of Every Customer.